MANVIL Apparel

For years now MANVIL has had questions as to whether we’d want to expand to a clothing line. We love product development, but due to a history of work in the construction trades, we have a heavy preference towards the durable, the over-sized, and the cotton or wool. (The waxed cotton in foul weather)

We’re not a huge fan of synthetic clothing. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but we’d never be able to look all modern and fashionable like in the Nike or adidas high fashion realm. Although we do have affiliates who’d sport that stuff with applomb, the hollow strands that make up poly-propy-whatever dont work for MANVIL’s core office.  Let’s just say that the strands retain our personal traits so well that we prefer cotton or wool due to their ability to become odor free. (Plug nose here)

So what does MANVIL do at this point when the fabric we love doesn’t come cheap? We keep on trying to figure out ways to make it work for us, and in the meantime, we introduce this, the MANVIL Apparel logo v.1.5.

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