A pile of Soapbox graphics

Soapbox extravaganza!

MANVIL has enjoyed being a part of Portland Adult Soapbox for almost 9 years now. Nine years? Oof Dah!

Oh, it started out innocently. A lunatic red-head at the bar stated she needed somebody to push her car. No big deal, right? So we stepped right in to help. Well the day was a blast, the ginger raced like the loon she is, as did her partner, and although she didn’t win, the fun and camaraderie (there honey, it’s finally spelled right) stuck in our heads. About a thousand fun-loving souls, all relatively well medicated, having a giant party in a public park with the paid-for consent of the city of Portland. (Our fair city!)

So, many years later, when the Derby Grand Jefe, Captain Chaos asked MANVIL for some help with the graphics on a fairly tight deadline, we were more than happy to oblige. We fulfilled all design needs for the event with pride of ownership.

Then a potential client asked about any recent integrated marketing campaigns we’d finished lately. Big words! Fancy words, which to us meant, “what did you do to promote something”. So we roughed something up for them… and realized, hey, we were on task with this whole thing. There is ‘cohesion in the design elements’ (read; a common theme) and the damned things kinda look good. They looked great post-production thanks to the professional efforts of Tom at Northwest Imprints and Sher-Lynn at the IMI Group. (Tees and posters) Our rapidly produced advertisement was displayed in the Portland Mercury and the Soapbox website turned out to be well received as well.

So here is a pile of the images, in a rather hastily built display. (sometimes it’s better to get the images displayed hastily, than to never display them at all)


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