Shop graphics… olde skola

An old client has been in the midst of expansion, and the services MANVIL provided have helped make the shop a hot bed for certain makes of vehicle repair in this town of bridges, beer, coffee and roses. Expansion is good, and marketing is something I dig, but a shop shirt, especially in the old school mindset, is what a technician wants to wear.

It’s a shirt that the GP can’t get their hands on. Good work done by a cadre of hard working, talented employees separates the skilled workers from the GP. And there is nothing wrong with catering a shirt to that. It’s not elitism that only the techs get to wear these shirts, it’s skill-set, and some have it and some don’t, despite what the DIY handbook says. Bondo and a fresh coat of paint doesn’t fix a collision damaged car, technicians do.

So here’s a shirt design for those who know how to take the kinks out of what life hands your Swedish car. Svensk Billagning: Vi talar din bils språk

(Swedish Auto Repair: We speak your car’s language.)

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