Enter mecca-man

Titanium tattoo
Technology that will work for the luddite I am.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a designer is the opportunity to try new things. Whereas this isn’t quite re-inventing the wheel, it is a shot at changing the way bicycles are personalized.

Challenge one: Create a personalized graphic that speaks to and for the bike owner

Challenge two: (and the tough part) get it to stick… to titanium.

Yes there will be challenges to any project, but this one is particularly sticky. Titanium requires some fancy electro-something-or-rather to make colors show up, but when they are on, the image will be ingrained forever. The image provided is the one we want to make work, whether it does stay put or not is another question for another day.

This is the image we’re shooting for. Whether it can be transferred to a stencil to be electronified is the challenge. Isn’t technology grand!?

We’ll see if it takes, and if it does, I’ll get a pic to show off the goods… but the glasses and goatee will stay on for client privacy purposes.

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