How Pirates say “No littering”

A while back, before the real efforts for Soapbox all fell into place, MANVIL took on a project for an international client. (Cue “Oooh! Lah dee dah!”)

Well, “Lah dee freaking dah” is right, because the project was a blast to put together and although not entirely finished, it means a lot to us. The ocean’s a beauteous place, and apparently, folks who live in the Caribbean want to keep a giant mass of plastic from making a nest on their beaches and in their waterways.

We got this one worked out to the point where hopefully it is obvious that no ship should dump crap in the ocean. Trying to convey regional laws as well as international treaties isn’t our gig. Especially as some of the countries in the region haven’t signed the treaties. (Bone heads)

Anywho, this is how we’ve been keeping our noses clean lately. Enjoy it, we did!


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