Start ’em young… I guess.

So I suppose all sorts of folks started chasing their passions whilst youngsters. Maybe I fell for graphics late. Maybe I’m a delayed bloomer. Hell, maybe I left my keys in my ignition. Whatever reason there is for pursuing anything, there might be somebody wanting to help you make your off-center dreams come true. All it takes is to get the word out.

Enter the 2011 PDX Kids Soapbox race on August 27th. Curiously enough, the current (as of this week anyways) All-American Soap Box Derby World Champion calls Portland her home. She dreamt about running the PDX Adult Soapbox race, but realized she wasn’t going to be allowed to. (Not unless she can shotgun a beer like a champ, but that’s ill-advised at her age anyway.)

So here’s to letting the gremmies have free reign of Hawthorne from 50th to 55th. If you’ve got a yoongster who wants to roll, take a peek and look into the race. I’d imagine it’ll be a great time, and I am glad MANVIL may be a part of the events success. Some Assembly Required.


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