Those who know MANVIL know that for the last six or seven years (Maybe eight… OK it’s kind of a blur) we have been involved in one way or another with Portland Adult Soapbox. This year the powers that run the race turned to MANVIL for a little creative aid, and we were very happy to oblige.

Soapbox this year is on August 13th, and the MANVIL car may be a little more prepared for the race than in years past, but that’s no fault of ours. The beer will flow the race will run and the winner, whomever they are, will enjoy a grand spectacle.

MANVIL, well, we’re in it for the fun of being a part of something delightfully PDX. (And of course the full pic-i-nic basket and cooler of refreshments) Let the freak flags fly and enjoy Mt. Tabor!

A special thanks goes out to the good folks who support PDX Soapbox… the Portland and Soapbox racing public at large, and especially Pete Wilson Stoneworks, Jens Edwards Electric, Ecoheat, Infinity Tattoo, Bakery Bar, Bipartisan Cafe, Pine State Biscuits, Laurelhurst Theater,  Migration Brewing, Cheese Bar, New Deal Distillery, Beulahland, MEAT, Adams Law, New Deal Cafe, IMI, Lompoc, Flying Pie PizzariaOregon Sports Action and Kolorwerx.

Here’s to Soapbox!

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