Two shirts, one cause… but two hot shirts!

While building designs for “The Skeeto”, (see below) MANVIL realized PT-658 needed two shirts to promote their efforts to promote their efforts. One would be the full color bold, go-for-broke shirt, and the other a bit more staid, and straight forward. After research and a some review of vendor choices and skill sets, we put “The Boat” together.

Based on the owner’s manual for the ‘Elco’ line of PT boats, the craft on “The Boat” is in fact a Higgins built PT like PT-658. If you are interested in finding out more about PT-658 check out the link. If you’d like to see the boat  and maybe buy a shirt, check out this link for Rose Festival Fleet Week .(June 8-12)

We put this project together pro-bono because we believe in PT-658 and we realize that a lot of volunteers doing good works for the boat are doing it free of charge as well. It must be mentioned that without the tremendous help of Oregon Screen Impressions and InkBrigade, this project would not have been possible. Come on down and buy a shirt, see the boat, and enjoy Fleet Week.

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