SOAPBOX cometh… and so goes that free time

It’s hard to believe, but August is almost here and the 2011 Portland Adult Soapbox Derby is looming. Absurd I know, because we never plan that far in advance, but this year, staff cannot toil late into the last minutes before the race in order to get the car ready. This year we vow to have prepared the car in advance. The car shall be fast, the car shall be sturdy, the car shall not crash in a meteoric pile of bent metal and dreams torn asunder. The next line is not ‘the car puts the lotions on’.

Derby is a special time. The time when the cock-eyed dreams of fools either meld into a brilliant zenith of creativity, devotion and genius, or the beer addled tomfoolery of the semi-crafty. This year team MANVIL faces derby with a solid frame, taut and moderately predictable steering, and a change in brakes and tires. Good things may well be on the horizon, only time will tell.

Derby is a mysterious vixen willing to smile with one furrowed brow, or cackle viciously while pointing at ones failings, all the while holding a cold one.

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