It’s all in the details…

The United States Navy's PT Forces Insignia

While working on a project for the PT-658, (Portland’s WWII PT boat museum) I came across the insignia the navy put together for the PT boat service. ” Cool!” thought I, until I looked closer.

Now I say, “Radical”. A glance with no concern of the details shows a rope, divided by a torpedo, with a few wakes in it. No big deal.

But the design is so much for than that. The rope is inconsistently sized so that twine is thicker in front of the warhead, as well as behind the propeller, thereby drawing attention to the direction the torpedo is facing. It is purposefully creating an oblong image to the eye. I wouldn’t have thought about this twice, but the stitch count is literally lower on the sides parallel to the torpedo. It’s like a moving target. It’s a round patch with an ovoid look, and for this reason it draws attention.

It’s a little thing. Probably nothing, but it is nice to know people thought about this kind of thing. It’s just a nice detail.

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