Also ran: At least it’s not DFL.


A few weeks ago MANVIL was asked to compete in a design task by adidas. That adidas. No, seriously, they asked for a submission.  And not just a submission for adidas US HQ in MANVIL’s home base Portland, but from their home port, the town of Adi Dassler, Herzogenaurach. When asked by friends if we’d accept the position at adidas Originals in another country, a blunt and satisfying “yes” was the answer. Are you kidding me?! It’s adidas Originals dammit! That kind of offer only comes by when monkeys fly out the collective butts of four elected officials and a supermodel. Seriously, MANVIL would happily sit on hiatus as the design lead worked for the same shoe company that provided AYSO shoes for my entire youth and a muse for Run DMC.

To my friends who helped me with this task, this is what I built with your shoes. It was an homage to the people of Japan and a display of solidarity between adidas and those people. It wasn’t chosen as the winner in the task, but I’m damned proud to have put it together with your help. Again, thanks!

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