Damn the acronyms, full speed ahead!

At MANVIL, we love graphics and the effort it takes to make them functional, but sometimes it’s just plain fun to be out in the elements, running heavy machinery, working in a ditch and lifting heavy things. It’s also great to be a part of a beautiful project.

Much to MANVIL’s pleasure, we’ve had the chance to create graphics and promotional goods for two great small Portland companies; Pete Wilson Stoneworks and Stormwater Resource Group. The two companies are a kind of amalgamation, with Pete Wilson Stoneworks coming to market first, producing Portland Oregon’s finest dry stack walls, and Stormwater Resources providing customers with ecologically responsible solutions to how to deal with Portland’s omnipresent gift from mother nature: rain.

The owners of PWS and SRG approached MANVIL to display the relationship between the two companies without explaining it with text. They wanted something that worked with their company signage that allowed cohesion as well as company individuality. They got something simple, that looked like this.

Note: The two ads will appear on opposite sides of a black and white pages of the Irvington Home Tour magazine.

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