MANVIL appreciates the help…

As a small graphics firm, there comes a time to thank people for the help given in making some projects work. This is one of those times. In MANVIL’s quest to perform a graphics task that may serve the company in many, many differing arenas, MANVIL turned to both clients, vendors, family and friends in order to get images that would become a part of the working art. Thanks you all for your input. If you can find your shoes right away, then our task here was completed well… if not, then we probably didn’t use your shots, but are thankful for your submission anyway! If the task that was submitted is accepted as the winner, and you provided images, I’ll print the winning image at 1.5 by 3 ft and you can hang the magical thing on your wall! I know I sure as hell will, winning submission or not. Seriously, thank you all for your input.




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