They’re getting the band together! Yes, they are.

Every once in a while, something does drop from the blue sky, and this time it’s a project that is not only entertaining to put together, but something that will expand as time

progresses. Enter my friend Mike, who has long been playing around with a batch of friends who decided it’s time to go legit and spread the music to the masses. They want to take the one-time passion play that they had been fiddling with in their spare time, and bump it to the next level. After months of garage, back porch and basement practice/gigs/mind-melds, it was time to bring the band into the light for public consumption. They had all the ideas to get the gig rolling, and knew that merchandise was a good way to pay for the little things that mean so much for a band, but they needed to know what their options were. That’s where MANVIL came in. Sticker production? Check. Tee graphics? Check. Graphics for demo-CDs? Check.¬†Inexpensive vendors for everything? Check. While I can’t push the band’s name just yet, I can show what their shirt graphics will look like. A long strange trip indeed.

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