Never let the files get too dusty!

Much to my surprise, about a month and a half ago I was asked by a college student to give me a run-down on my take of the creative process. That’s a loaded question.

“How much did you pay them to ask you that?” my oldest friends might ask, or “So when does your niece graduate?” On the hood of my Saab I swear, “That question came from somebody I  have I never met.”  That said, I blurted out, and it’s something I will always believe: “A graphics project should never be considered complete. There is (hopefully) always another branch on the design tree to be plucked from. I made a logo, they need cards. I made cards, they need a flyer. I made a flyer, they need tees. I made tees, they need signage. I made signage, they need…I don’t know, tees for their corgis.” I kinda thought I might sprain my shoulder patting myself on the back for saying that, but then I got an e-mail about a project I’d deemed relatively done. Hello Seattle, I hear you’ve got beer there too!

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