Meanwhile, back in the islands…

I find it hard not to think of the island I was raised on. Sure, it was just a rock in the middle of a vast expanse of water, but it was home. (A beautiful, white sand surrounded home with water warm enough to swim in year round) And I’d imagine that if you were raised surrounded by water, be it a 3000 mile trek to the mainland, or a twenty yard jaunt over the county bridge, you reminisce about your island home too. Every island has some sort of a cultural fashion, and it happens that my island fever brings me to thinking of the business attire. Ties and button up shirts were for bankers, lawyers, funeral home operators and car salesmen. For the rest of the working folks, something like this and a pair of khakis (and maybe covered shoes) were the only clothes you needed to show you meant business. Lucky you live the aîna.

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