It’s better than fine woodwork

Sometimes an idea works for you, and if a graphic idea works for you, and you like it, then it can’t hurt to pursue it. Dig into it, and if you ever get to the point where you think you’re wasting your time, or have fallen completely off task, shelve it and move on to something else that fills your fancy. At least for the time being.

It’s rare to put a speculative image forth and to have a client grab it. Sometimes it works due to good timing, sometimes it’s fate, sometimes it’s a client who wants something new and isn’t quite sure what it is. VoĆ®la! You’ve got what they never knew they wanted. On this graphic I managed to tag all three categories. (There are a LOT more categories than the three I mentioned, but hell, I don’t know them all.)

This graphic is for a great client and a fantastic wood builder, and a hell of a Soapbox Derby racer. If you know the area code, and need wood work done, give him a call. I like the way this image works out. I like the colors, and think a tee in this colorway would look great! Cheers!

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