2011 Rusty Iron

Every year for the last 10 years MANVIL has produced a graphic design for the Rusty Iron Canoe Race tee shirts. The race, put on by Pacific Outrigger Canoe Club, is a gathering of almost all of the Hawaiian canoe paddling teams from the Northwest as well as some of the teams from Canadia (sic) and California. Run from below the lofty coverage of the St. John’s bridge on the last Saturday of April, the race runs down the Columbia to buoy 12 and back up past the rail bridge below University of Portland for a total of 8.5-9.3 miles, dependent on flag placement. As a former paddler, I personally love making this shirt, and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the event. More of the event graphics are portrayed in the BOM (Bill of Materials) listing in the Graphic Design folder on the site. Take a peek, they seem to have been well received. Cheers!

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