So we got this gig…

MANVIL got this gig a few days ago, and the idea was to make an ad for one of our clients atomic auto. The ad was to be placed in a predominantly green publication. I’m not adverse to green applications, hell, I want the planet to last long, long after I’m gone, but I noted a predominance of what I’m going to call “Prius thought” in the other ads. “Prius thought” would be the way to describe the hype about the Prius. I haven’t run any tests, or sought out too much data as to the global ramifications of building and running a Prius for the car’s lifetime, but I tend to think that any car that was economical in the 80’s or 90’s (28+ mpg) that still runs efficiently and cleanly has to take fewer resources from the environment than buying a brand new shiny fancy batteried Prius. (OK read ‘Saab’ here because anybody who knows me knows I love those silly cars.) The gist of the ad is to let people know that if you like what you have, the boys at atomic can keep it in tip top shape to be as ecologically sound as possible while you’re at the con. If I’m wrong, and making the Prius is actually as eco-friendly as pulling a leaf off a tree, it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong, and you all know it won’t be the last.  Oh, and by the way, yes, those are leaves coming out the tailpipes…  what, you gotta problem with that? It’s OK to dream!

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