Ask a silly question….

There is a person I think we all know. He or she is the one with the most toys in our cadre of friends, neighbors and/or countrymen. This person, usually on the cutting edge of the tool game,  is the one we can be sure to turn to as we look to for a ‘real-time’ review of something. 

“The new electronic gizmo? Oh, **** knows it well, but he went with the other brand because it interfaces better, has a longer battery life and looks better.”
“The new Bosch/Craftsman/Makita/DeWalt/Milwaukee/whoever tool for ripping out floors under cabinets? ****** knows the one, and she knows how it compares to the competition. She bought brand X months ago and loves it.”
“You should ask ***** or **** about the new Abu Garcia steel head reels, they swear by them.”
These folks have a willingness to explore things that otherwise would be a bit out of the common realm of curiosity. They’re just a little more refined in their purchases. They’ll stretch the boundaries of sensibility to be the lead resource in their lifework/hobby’s field. If we ever have questions. They’re more than happy to help, and for that we should be eminently grateful. They researched all the cool stuff so we could follow them and look good.  They have the knowledge and skill set to find exactly the right tool for the puzzle at hand. 
Occasionally, though, there are other near perfect fits that aren’t quite in the game book but are still completely viable. 
My friend Tad and his bride Leslie held their reception party at a golf course. I’ll take this time to add that it is a very pretty golf course that my buddy Tony and I had never spent any time on and we were interested in seeing it all. As part of the deal Tad and Leslie had with the club, the golfers finished up around three PM and were supposed to have cleared out before five just as the reception was coming into full swing. Suffice it to say that there were some stragglers coming in late, and apparently the golf cart staff was very protective of all of their carts. As the last duffers left the course I watched the cart guys grab all the keys from the carts and lock them in an overnight safe before they ran past the reception to their cars.
A bit chagrined at the turn of events with the cart staff, my buddy Tony and I sat down in the first EZ-Go we came across. With beers in hand we began to discuss golf cart production concepts to wrap our heads around the situation. We figured that if a company makes golf carts, it would be almost impossible for that company to also manufacture the golf cart wheels and tires, unless it was a huge company. These carts weren’t made by a huge manufacturer like GE, I think they were Hungarian EZ-Go knock-offs. In that line of production thought, the golf cart manufacturer would also have to sublet the manufacturing of ignition locks to another company. If the ignition lock were sublet, then chances are, they’d make only one style of key. Between the two of us, we had ten ignition keys and ten more house keys. (Tony was a bit of a car farmer at the time, and I was driving company trucks for work.) We tried them all and none worked.
 (Deductive reasoning – 0 / golf carts – 1.)
 It looked like it would take the perfect tool for the job, and as fate would have it, I already had the perfect tool. I didn’t have to turn to any of my good friends who’s tools I have used and enjoyed over the years for the production of MANVIL‘s cards
I took the tiny Swiss Army knife my dad gave me, and jammed the finger nail file in the ignition and jiggled. We were off in a flash. By the end of the night Tony, Tad, Leslie, a batch of other guests and I left the reception to safari on the open veldt of the Eastmoreland Country Club as fast as five carts could get us around.* 
Final score: deductive reasoning – 5+ / carts – 1.
*not the real name

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