A well lit Gourmand

I have never been a resolute fan of any particular NFL football team. I simply wasn’t raised in a place where there was an NFL franchise to lay claim to. My family had no set NFL team favorite, and when you can bodysurf all day long, year round, there are other thing to focus one’s attention on. 

When I moved to the mainland, my perceptions changed. My friends who were raised on the mainland all had favorite home teams. The weather in the northern climates could often be despicably cold and rainy for every Sunday in the fall and early winter. I found that I enjoyed hanging around with my buddy’s having a beer and watching the game, but I still wasn’t pledging allegience to a team. What made Sunday football special was not the game, although I did delight in watching the competitions, rather, it was the comradery and the food. (OK, the beer was a treat too, but that’s because nobody wants to get dehydrated.)
There are a lot of folks who enjoy the Sunday ritual. The game, the hang-out, the food, the beer, and the horseing around. In the midst of that impromptu line-up of activities the food takes center stage, and for food to take that regal post, the grill has to be standing on stage with it. There is no grill without fire, subsequently, this is where the barbeque grill starter, or charcoal chimney, comes in. This is where MANVIL considers the barbecue grill starter an awesome weekend tool.
The chimney keeps the focus on the fire, not on the size of the plume. Any half-baked monkey with box of matches and a deathwish can pour lighter fluid on a bed of coals until the resultant flame-up looks like restricted test at Bikini. The idea is to have the grilled food taste like grilled food, not a grisly morsel left to cook on the overheated exhaust port of a long haul Freightliner. The good folks I have had the chance to befriend are not nationally esteemed chefs, but they aren’t burger torchers either. 
My friends have, for many, many Sundays, provided excellently grilled rib-eyes, lamb shoulders, chicken portions, salmon steaks and even aparagus salads. As long as I can remember, that tin tube of grill starting goodness has a been a part of the campaign for fire, and for it’s introduction I am grateful. Barbecued salmon drenched in a mustard, soy and brown sugar sauce is one thing, fuel flavored fish loses dignity in presentation. That, and I’m finally beginning to grow my eyelashes back. Enjoy!

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