Two shovels named Nancy.

Once upon a time, a stonemason came to the job site with a brand new shovel named Nancy. 

Nancy shovel was very excited to go to work, but when the sweaty, flatulent, furry faced man began to dig a trench in the hard packed soil, Nancy wavered. When the man pushed Nancy shovel’s blade into the dry ground, she leaned to the right. When the man tried again, Nancy leaned to the left, in order to avoid digging into the packed dirt. This went on for several minutes until finally the man stopped.

“What’s the deal Nancy?” Asked the man who looked like a wookie and smelled like an old hockey bag.
“Digging in the dry soil is hard!” muttered Nancy shovel wincing in pain.
“We don’t have any other shovels on site. It’s up to you, Nancy. We need to dig!” Explained the man while shrugging his plaid covered shoulders.
“OK, I’ll try” Nancy replied.
Just then the homeowner came out and approached the furry faced man with a shovel that looked just like Nancy. “In an act of some kismet I have a shovel named Nancy too, and she just loves digging in the hard dirt, but she can’t stand spreading the soft garden soil I have. Would you like to trade for a while?”
“Sure, if you don’t mind?” said the stonemason. 
The hirsute headed mason took the second Nancy shovel and put her blade on the hard dirt. With some effort he pushed the second Nancy’s blade with force and she dug deep into the hard soil. “Wow! This Nancy really does like to dig hard soil!” laughed the worker who looked like an enormous, soiled ewok with glasses.
As the day continued, both Nancy’s got to enjoy a hard days work doing what they loved. The first one was able to spend time gleefully shovelling compost for the homeowner. And the second Nancy was able to help the hairy mason dig a footer 40 feet long through hard packed soil. At the end of the day, the homeowner and the stonemason decided to trade shovels for good. As both Nancy’s went their separate ways they waved at each other. 
Having identical names doesn’t really mean they are the same, even if they look the same. A closer look at the individual is very illuminating.  
If you’d like to get the names right when you are looking at tools, feel free to take a look at MANVIL.

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